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The Ordinary People™ is a social enterprise, created to “support and empower, marginalised or disadvantaged people and communities, through a mix of information, advice and practical intervention.” We believe in something quite simple, that if an ordinary person is given access to some of the opportunities often denied to them, in some cases simply because of what they look like, where they were born or live; they could be capable of achieving something quite extraordinary.

The Ordinary People was set up primarily to see how we, as ordinary people, could enable some form of conduit between bright and talented people from socially challenging or disadvantaged backgrounds, and those companies and organisations that, if they had assistance to engage with and identify these talented ordinary people, might be able to provide access to life-changing opportunities.  

Seasonal update

The seasonal updates will provide commentary on relevant industry issues and news items, as well as updates on our own activities.

Spring 2014:

The Ordinary People will soon unveil plans for our work in Manchester and London for 2014/2015.

This will coincide with a full updating of the website.


The full spring 2014 update will be posted shortly.