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Profiling & Promoting Talent

We believe that talent should be given every opportunity to shine. And when it shines, we want as many people as possible to see it!

Profiling & Promoting Talent is about looking at ways in which talented people from disadvantaged backgrounds or communities are given an opportunity to show how talented they can be, when given access to the right information, advice and support.

We believe that ordinary people can be inspired by a combination of: 

  • Access to the right information, from credible sources; and that includes the major employers, as well as the conventional sources
  • Being given the opportunity to showcase their talent and commitment
  • Being able to see examples “people like us” who have already achieved; and to be able to meet and engage with them where possible

Profiling & Promoting Talent involves working with partners and supporters to ensure that we can develop new projects, or support existing initiatives, that can assist in raising the profile of these talented people and achievers.