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Careers & Skills Gateway: Support

Why not become a supporter of Careers & Skills Gateway?

If you are an organisation and are interested in supporting ordinary people to access opportunities please get in touch.

Supporting Careers & Skills Gateway does not necessarily require a financial commitment. You might just be interesting in promoting the event and associated activities to your clients, user group or customers.

We are keen to work with any project, initiative or organisation that is involved with helping ordinary people to have improved access to opportunities, or which helps to promote and profile talented ordinary people.  

Examples of some of the types of organisations we are happy to work with include: 

  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Employers and Employee networks
  • Trade and industry bodies
  • Projects and initiatives that work with young people
  • Projects and initiatives that work with “not so young” people 

If you’re interested in seeing how we might be able to support each other, in relation to this event or other activities, please email;